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We build and develop international business – trade, investment, connections and collaborations – in and across ASEAN and Australia.


Venturenauts helps businesses enter and grow in local and regional markets.

Our SMEs clients are concerned about how to operate across borders, while multinational businesses want to understand local markets and business environments.

We help businesses:

  • Identify business opportunities
  • Establish new commercial ventures
  • Re-engineer business models for new markets
  • Develop and implement new market entry strategies
  • Build strategic and operational performance to capture growth
  • Engage with governments to improve regulatory environments

Our clients include – ASEAN SMEs, Australian SMEs, multinational companies


Venturenauts helps governments develop policies and regulatory environments that support growth in international trade and investment.

Our government clients are focused on making the right policy decisions to encourage and attract international trade and investment, and aligning domestic regulations with international commitments and agreements.

We help governments:

  • Improve policy and regulation making systems
  • Build domestic regulatory environments that are globally oriented, competitive and attractive
  • Reform international agreements to improve ease in doing business across borders
  • Align domestic regulations with international
  • Strengthen a region’s innovation capacity to grow globally competitive industries
  • Deepen economic diplomacy integration across ASEAN and Australia
  • Engage with business to improve local markets and promote international agreements and markets

Governments we have worked with include – ASEAN Secretariat, Malaysian Government, Australian Government, Lao PDR Government, Philippines Government.

Universities and Research Institutes

Venturenauts helps universities and research institutes ‘internationalise’ teaching curriculums, research agendas and build industry collaborations.

Universities and research institutes with whom we work are striving to support today’s fast changing, economically integrated world. They are investing in improving the employability and mobility of their students at a crucial time of change.

We help universities and research institutes:

  • Refine curriculums and programs to improve their attractiveness and relevance in competitive job markets
  • Internationalise their executive education and research programs to support alumni, business and government
  • Build international collaborations in education and research including internships, exchanges and immersions

Our clients include – ASEAN University Network, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, University of Queensland.

International Development Organisations

Venturenauts helps international development organisations design and implement projects that support economic growth to alleviate poverty in developing countries.

International development organisations we support are typically concerned about where and how to direct effort and funding to grow the private sector in a developing country and connect it with international trade and investment.

We help international development organisations:

  • Design and implement major projects focused at improving private sector development and international competitiveness
  • Build capacity across government and business in ‘best practice’ regulation making, industry development and economic diplomacy

Our clients include – Asian Development Bank, Australian Aid Program.