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In working with you in and across ASEAN and Australia, Venturenauts brings

  • An extensive network of international contacts and resources
  • Detailed insight into market opportunities and challenges
  • Deep understanding of different cultural and business practices
  • Significant experience growing businesses and working with governments, development organisations and universities
  • Proven commercial skills and approach in building cross-cultural business relationships

A core strength is our ability to work across borders, understanding and adapting to different economies, development gaps, cultures, business practices, languages and regulations.


Venturenauts can help at different stages or provide a complete international business development service where we are with you at every step.

We partner with you to achieve your goals and build your organisation’s capabilities so that impact is a sustainable advantage. This is our measure of success.

We understand your business objectives, and review the market for needs and opportunities.

We listen to your feedback and develop a strategy including a ‘pitch’ relevant to the market.

We get you connected in the market including with key business contacts and leads.

We help implement your strategy including preparing proposals and bids, and negotiating contracts.

We help with the ongoing management and refinement of the strategy to maximise market success.


Venturenauts is committed to exceptional relationships, practices and behaviour on which clients can depend. We endeavour to make a positive impact in the world.

We work with you to understand your needs and capabilities. We provide a flexible and nimble quality service that recognises the approach which best suits you – including short or long term arrangements, being on a retainer or advisory panel.