Our network of international business leaders and educators helps students/graduates collaborate with businesses/enterprises and universities/governments on real business projects, in an online coaching environment to rise above the competition in the global marketplace.

Global virtual internships and online coaching are offered through our strategic alliance – Global Growth Partnership – with our USA partner, the Institute for Global Student Success across ASEAN, Australia, China and the US.



Jumpstart Your Career by improving your international employability and mobility through GLOBAL

  • Virtual Internships
  • Personalised Mentoring

All around the world, competition for internships and jobs is intense. Domestic and international students and graduates are vying for the same few positions as you.

We can help you succeed. Our services are globally focused to help distinguish you as unique and give you the edge over other candidates.

Global Virtual Internships

When you invest your time in an internship, you deserve to get challenging, stimulating and importantly, substantial and meaningful work experience.

Get the experience you need and proof of work and job readiness by doing a global virtual internship. You work online, in international teams- with students and graduates from ASEAN, Australia, China and the USA – on real projects from real businesses, for 35-40 hours over 10 weeks.

Benefits include:

  • Learning from global business leaders and educators (coaches)
  • Receiving a Letter of Commendation
  • Experience working online in international teams producing results
  • Dealing with management from companies providing the project
  • Learning global business and organisational skills


  1. Undergraduate or graduate in top 10% of class
  2. Conversational skill level in written and spoken English

Global Personalised Mentoring

Get one-to-one guidance from international business leaders and educators in jumpstarting your global career. Guidance is provided online to suit your schedule.

Mentoring sessions are personalised to your needs, and include:

  • Identifying the Ideal Career for You
  • Putting Together A Winning Job Search Plan
  • Building Competitive Distinction
  • Networking for Success
  • Resume Makeover
  • Mock Interviews to Get You ‘Hired’

Our personalised mentoring also helps domestic and international students to adapt to university life and make the most of their university experience.

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Accelerate Your Growth by improving your international performance through GLOBAL

  • Business Projects
  • Talent Pool

Not all businesses and social enterprises are able to navigate the challenges and exploit the opportunities as they arise – particularly, start-ups and SMEs with their limited resources.

We can help your business or social enterprise succeed in the global marketplace. Our services are globally focused to help elevate your business to the next level of growth.

Global Business Projects

Our global virtual internship program can help you with the challenges or opportunities that your business or social enterprise is seeing, but are unable to address.

Together, we craft this as a business project for a global virtual internship where top students and graduates from ASEAN, Australia, China and the USA work online in teams, on your project, for 35-40 hours over 10 weeks. Projects are treated commercial-in confidence.

Benefits include:

  • Getting work happening on the challenge or opportunity concerning the business
  • Having a high quality project team of top international students and graduates, under the coaching and supervision of international business leaders and educators
  • Participating directly in the framing, monitoring and evaluation of the project
  • Accessingournetwork of international business leaders and educators
  • Access to top students
  • Supporting the development of our next business leader


  1. Reputable businesses and social enterprises – startups, SMEs, MNCs
  2. Business project where the subject and scopeis feasible under the global virtual internship criteria
  3. Business commits to the necessary level of participation (framing, monitoring and evaluation of the project) tomeet agreed outcomesglish

Global Talent Pool

We know our graduates, and can help match them to your needs. Our global virtual internship and personalised mentoring programs gives you access to a top pool of international talent and an opportunity to ‘get in’ before other businesses commence their recruitment campaign.

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GGP is a group of global business leaders and Ivy League educators working at the top levels of business and academia in ASEAN, Australia, China and the USA, helping students, graduates and businesses succeed.

GGP is a strategic alliance between Venturenauts and the Institute for Global Student Success (IGSS).

IGSS is a comprehensive yearlong program that provides international undergraduate and graduate students with the skills and hands-on-practice to succeed at academic and business institutions in the USA and China. IGSS helps students integrate into their university communities, become active campus leaders, establish global networks and gain outstanding internships and jobs.

While Venturenauts and IGSS remain independent companies, we share knowledge, expertise and networks in providing services that help students, graduates and businesses succeed in the global marketplace. Venturenauts specialises in ASEAN and Australia, IGSS in China and the USA.


Institute for Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS), National University of Malaysia


Our coaches are internationally recognised business leaders and educators, highly experienced in leading and developing individuals and organisations to rise above the competition in the global marketplace.

Peter McKenna

Widely recognised as an international business development expert across ASEAN and Australia; co-founder of Venturenauts; and over 30 years experience including senior positions in business and government with successful careers in business re-engineering and management, business development consulting, policy reform and academia. View full profile.

Eleanor Mak

Co-founder of Venturenauts; over 20 years of senior positions in business and government with successful careers in commercial law, policy reform and business development in Australia and ASEAN; and significant experience acting for national and international corporations in restructures, due diligences and major commercial transactions. View full profile.

Alan Kerzner

Former business director at Johnson and Johnson and Procter & Gamble and leader of startups; founder of the Institute for Global Student Success (IGSS); and current part-time faculty at the Wharton Business School, New York University and Visiting Instructor at the University of Queensland Business School.

Dr Sufian Jusoh

Associate Professor at the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; External Fellow at the World Trade Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland; Distinguished Fellow at the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Malaysia; and recognised international expert on trade liberalization.

Len Schutzman

Former Treasurer and Executive Vice President of PepsiCo and Limited Partner of Evercore Private Equity; served on Board of five public companies; founder and Chairman of Schutzman Center for Entrepreneurship at Queens College, New York.

We have access to senior executives of international companies with deep experience in a diverse range of sectors including management consulting, aerospace and aviation, engineering, retail, telecommunications, property, technology, finance, pharmaceutical and law.


Projects are available in many areas

International business development analysis & planning
Business modelling analysis and competition strategies
Customer market segment analysis and entry strategies
Brand strategies and marketing plans
 Start-up feasibility analysis and planning 
Investment banking analytics including mergers, acquisitions and spinoffs
Equities analysis, debt options and company valuation
Social enterprises

Project Examples

Investment Banking Analytics

Topic: Evaluate a potential acquisition in the US natural foods industry

Task: Provide advice on whether the acquisition should proceed, and if so, which company (A or B) acquires the other, and what is the recommended deal structure based on valuation (all-cash, all-equity or mix).

Process: Interns evaluated company backgrounds, conducted SWOT analyses, identified potential synergies including revenue and cost impacts, prepared before and after financials and valuations, assessed alternative deal structures and developed recommendation report.

Support: Coaching via weekly group video conferences and where required, 1-to-1 video sessions. Presented recommendation report to expert panel representing company.

Interns: 7 interns from China, Taiwan and Vietnam with MBAs and MS in Economics.

Marketing Analytics and Customer Segmentation

Topic: Formulate a strategy to gain users in instant video chat markets

Task: For a US based instant video chat company, assess their largest markets and on the basis of strong quantitative and strategic analytics, formulate a strategic marketing plan to gain new users.

Process: Interns conducted competitive analysis in the company’s leading markets, statistically segmented and profiled company usage data, surveyed different segmentation groups, prepared valuations of segments, and developed marketing plan to grow ‘high-value’ users in each market.

Support: Where interns lacked a sufficient level of analytic and strategic skills, required, they were initially coached in these areas. Coaching via weekly group video conferencing and where required, 1-to-1 video sessions. Presented progress reports online to company management at regular intervals for feedback and guidance.

Interns: 6 interns from Taiwan, China and Vietnam with MS in marketing and doing computer science, economics and finance degrees.

Business Strategy

Topic: Develop a business strategy for a major beverage company to address declines in US and possibly China markets.

Task: For a major US beverage company, identify causal factors for decline in the US markets, assess the likelihood for decline in the China markts, and develop a business strategy for both markets.

Process: Interns researched and assessed relevant market data in the US and China, identified causal factors using high level analytical, strategic and critical thinking techniques, interviewed industry experts, conducted attitudinal research in both the UIS and China and develoed a business strategy including forecast impacts.

Support: Coaching via weekly group video conferences and where required, 1-to-1 video sessions. Presented business strategy to company representatives.

Interns: 5 interns from China with business degrees.